The John Paul II Healing Center is sharing and imparting the passion and hope that St. John Paul II envisioned for the Church.

Our conferences and resources have touched the lives of thousands of people, igniting transformation across the United States, and beyond.



To promote and inspire transformation in the heart of the Church, by healing and equipping God’s people for the New Evangelization.

This mission is fulfilled in the very heart of the Church, helping people activate the fullness of their sacramental graces, while transforming their lives.


The two hearts represent love and relationship.  The larger heart represents Jesus’ Sacred Heart, full of mercy and compassion. The red color signifies Jesus’ Precious Blood, the source of our healing.  The smaller heart represents Mary’s Immaculate Heart, and our own, resting within the Sacred Heart. Its gold color is a sign of the transformation and purification of the Holy Spirit.

The Flame depicts the fire of the Holy Spirit.

The Cross, in the form of St. John Paul II’s crozier, pierces both hearts, and is the sign of our healing and transformation.