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Unveiled - Georgetown, TX 2015

I attended the Unveiled conference in Georgetown, TX… and I was transformed. It was a very difficult decision to go through with attending. I had hoped my wife would go with me, but …she filed for divorce on the Monday before hand. I am still not certain what drove me to still go, but thanks be to God I did.

Friday night was a good introduction, but it was not until Saturday that God spoke to me. With the help of the team, my heart has been transformed. I have always considered myself a good Catholic, but my heart started to burn for Christ in a way I have never before experienced. More importantly, God spoke to me and let me see how the things I had done in the past were damaging to my marriage.

On Saturday morning I texted with my estranged wife, resulting later in one of the deepest conversations we have ever had. On Saturday evening, Dr. Bob told me that it was alright to allow Christ into my heart and let him love me. It was like a dam burst and all the pains of my childhood came rushing out. It was overwhelming.

After the conference I had the most realistic conversation with Christ in the Eucharist I have ever had. He spoke in my heart to look upon a large, detailed crucifix. While contemplating the depth and patience of His love for me personally, I sensed Him encourage me to read Ephesians 5:25. “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church and handed himself over for her”. It was clear to me that Christ was inviting me to share my experience with my wife, even in the midst of our difficult situation.

I do not know if my marriage will survive. I do know I am a child of God and He loves me infinitely more than anyone can comprehend. I also know that I am on the way to becoming the best version of myself I can. This conference has changed my life. Thank you for your amazing ministry, God bless each and every one of you and be assured of my prayers.

Equipping for Pastoral Ministry Priests Retreat - 2015

"Through the prayerful, Spirit-filled, and loving ministry of Bob and the team, I was able to encounter some specific places in my life where Jesus wants to love me into greater wholeness. I am looking forward to growing in relationship with Him: both for the happiness that this will bring to me, and for the good effects it will have on the people I relate to."

"What impressed me most about the retreat was its INTEGRATED METHODOLOGY and HOLISTIC APPROACH. Bob has been able to apply the knowledge and best practices he has learned from clinical psychology, John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, and other healing ministries into an inner healing ministry that is both profound and easy to follow. I know that I will use all the knowledge and experiences I had in the celebration of the sacraments, in spiritual direction, and in my own healing ministry at the parish. I highly recommend this retreat for any priest of any age or experience."

Winter Seminarian Program - 2015

"I am immensely grateful for the ministry of the John Paul II Healing Center. This week allowed me to go deeper into the healing experience that God is leading me through so as to encounter His immense love for me as a Beloved Son. In addition to new insights and deeper understanding, this week helped me to integrate much of my seminary formation. It was especially meaningful to experience this encounter along with priests and other seminarians who are seeking to be vessels of the Father's love."


It seemed to me as if I lived my entire life in darkness, believing I wasn't beautiful, worthy, wanted or loved.  I was sexually abused beginning when I was 5 years old, until I was 13.  Even though I was almost 40 years old, the abuse had done a lifetime of damage to my heart and soul.  The last year had been an intense spiritual and mental battle!  That was when God showed up!  My brother, Francisco, met one of your team members at a diaconate ordination here in Austin, and she spoke to Francisco about John Paul II Healing Center.  Sensing my struggle, my brother encouraged me to attend one of your retreats.

Less than a month later, I was in Tallahassee.  The darkness in which I had lived my entire life hung on stubbornly for the first 3 days.  But, on the fourth day, LIGHT!  I was able to forgive my mother and father of the places they had wounded me.  At the healing mass, I handed everything over to the Blessed Mother.  I returned home at the end of the week, beautiful and new!  Since then, my husband has come on a retreat, and our marriage has been transformed.  Two of my four children have attended the retreat, and we continue to heal as a family.

God has continued to pursue my heart, revealing deeper gifts within me, and showing me how precious I am to Him.  I still remember my post-confession experience on the retreat- looking in the mirror and believing, for the first time, that I am beautiful.  My heart overflows with love.  By God’s power I was changed, and your ministry was the instrument.  Thank you.