April 17, 2020 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm PLC Ministry Center, Brighton MI

Transformation Night: Bart Schuchts – Brighton, MI  April 17, 2020

Bart will be a speaker at a Transformation Night at Encounter Ministries in Brighton, MI on Friday, April 17, 2020! Transformation Nights are broken into 3 main parts (description from the Encounter Ministries website):

  • Part 1: Transformed by His Glory in Worship
    2 Cor 3 says that when we encounter the glory of the Lord we are “transformed into His likeness from one glory to glory.” The first half of the night will be free, child-like worship. We are seeking after His glory with childlike faith in Spirit and Truth!
  • Part 2: Renewal of the Mind Teaching
    As Romans 12 says that we are “transformed by the renewal of our mind”, in the second half our speakers seek to release teaching to help renew our mind on kingdom topics to help us think more from the mind of Christ.
  • Part 3: Prayer Ministry
    After the teaching, members of the Encounter staff as well as students in the Encounter School of Ministry will be available for anyone seeking breakthrough from God in their lives. This can include prophetic ministry, prayer for physical healing, or healing of the heart.

Learn more about Encounter Ministries’ Transformation Nights and view their speaker schedule here!

Organizer Information:

Encounter Ministries



Venue Information:

PLC Ministry Center

710 Rickett Rd, Brighton, MI 48116