Seminarian Summer Program

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Seminarian Summer Program

Overview of Program

Week One (Theology) “Restoring the Glory” - Based in Church teaching and St. John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body”, seminarians delve deeply into their identity as men, how they relate to God in their sexuality, their relationships with men and women, and the process of growing in chaste celibacy. Daily teaching is augmented by personal reflection, daily Mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation and personal prayer experience. (This first week is a conference open to about 55 participants-including lay people. The Seminarians will be joining the conference.)

Week Two (Spirituality) - A guided silent Retreat, focusing on the “discerning of spirits” and the 3 stages of the spiritual life (purgative, illuminative and unitive), bringing the prior week’s material into intimacy with the Holy Trinity. Includes daily Mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, group prayer and spiritual direction.

Week Three (Human) - Healing the Whole Person- An experience into the deeper places of personal deficit, often around abandonment, rejection and shame.    Teaching is drawn from the book “Be Healed” and the “Healing the Whole Person” workbook.  Will include teaching, small group meetings, personal prayer experiences, daily Mass and reconciliation.

Week Four (Pastoral) - Training and equipping that integrates the three previous week’s material and prepares the seminarian to utilize the experience in their personal and ministerial lives.  The focus will be on personal and ministerial application, including practice and coaching by Center staff.  Availability of the Sacraments and daily prayer.

Recommended texts (to be read in advance):

“Be Healed” by Dr. Bob Schuchts can be purchased here.

“Loved as I Am” by Sr. Miriam James Heidland can be purchased here.

“Virginity” by Fr. Raneiro Cantalemessa.

“Discerning of Spirits” by Fr. Tim Gallagher.

“The Three Ages of the Spiritual Life” by Reginald Garigou-Lagrange.

“Sons of the Father” by Gordon Dalbey.

“Unbound” by Neal Lozano.

Please Review:

A foreward by Fr. Toups can be read here.

To read a letter from Bishop Parkes click here.

To read a letter from Fr. Becker click here.

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