Men and Women

Undone - Women's Conference

If you desire to draw deeply into the truth of your feminine identity and untangle the knots of culture, join us for a weekend of inspiration, truth and healing.

Through a series of talks, teachings and prayer experiences you will be invited to become undone by his presence and truth.

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God has written His own heart into every man’s heart, and it looks like adventure, courage, greatness and strength.  In a casual, honest, engaging environment, you can discover God’s heart for you, and explore the deeper desires of your own heart, and come to a fuller understanding of His purpose for your life.  You’ll learn to access the supernatural grace and power that God has made available to you as a man.

(1 Evening, 1 Day)


Sample for Talk 1: Become Who You Are


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Men on Fire

If you’ve ever wondered what it means to be “ON FIRE” for God, this conference will help you answer that for yourself.  At Pentecost, the power of the Holy Spirit propelled each of the apostles into the fullness of their identity, and their destiny.  St. Irenaeus wrote, “The Glory of God is man fully alive.”

Step into your own personal Pentecost, ignite the power of God that you received in Confirmation, know who you are in Him, and His purpose in your life.

(1 Evening, 1 Day)


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