Dear John Paul II Healing Center Community, 
Regarding the coronavirus and John Paul II Healing Center Events (please see a video at the end of this message from Dr. Bob):

The safety of our team and of those attending our events is of upmost importance to us. We are particularly concerned for those individuals who are at greatest risk – the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Currently, the guidance for how to proceed is changing daily. As a team we are proceeding with an approach that is born not out of fear, but out of love and concern for all. We are following the directives that are set forth by our bishops and government officials.

This is a fluid situation and we are closely monitoring the developments in each area where we have events scheduled. For those who are registered for an upcoming event, we are providing updated information concerning each one, on the registration page for that event. Please refer to these pages often for updates. Additionally, should an event become cancelled, we will notify you immediately by e-mail. Our office is unable to process the many questions that we receive daily in a timely manner. Checking our website often will be the best means for getting the latest information that you need.

The coronavirus has created a disruption in the lives of each of us and it has affected the normal operations of our ministry. Please know of our prayers for you as you make the necessary adjustments in your own lives.

As a community, we are praying for an end to COVID-19 which is instilling fear and worry in so many around the world. This is a time we must feed our faith and not our fears. We know this is a difficult time as Masses are suspended for so many and people are “social distancing” themselves from one another. People who feel isolated may feel even more isolated until we move past this pandemic. We encourage you to spend this time during Lent, when so much is being stripped from us, to draw closer to the Father and press into the truth of our Father’s divine love. If you’d like, we offer resources on our website, including downloadable PDFs and MP3s, that would offer you a time of personal retreat.

We invite you to watch this video message from Dr. Bob concerning COVID-19 and how to care for yourself and others during this time.

Click the image to hear Dr. Bob’s thoughts on the Coronavirus situation!


Please know we are praying for you and for an end to the coronavirus. We know that what the enemy intended for evil, God will use for good!!!

Let us all continue persevering in prayer, fasting, worshiping and encouraging ourselves and each other with Holy Scripture and other devotional readings that will help us stay in a place of hope, “because hope does not disappoint”.

Please take the recommended precautions and measures that have been given to us. At the same time, we encourage you to pray, in faith, remembering that our God is greater than all our concerns and He is greater than this virus too!


Judy Bailey

Executive Director
John Paul II Healing Center