Mark & Lily McKellar

About Mark & Lily McKellar

Worship Leaders

Mark and Lily McKellar have ministry experience including work with NET (National Evangelization Teams) Ministries and leading music at youth camps and events, young adult events/conferences, and men’s/women’s retreats.

They write and record music under their artist name Simple Offering ( They desire to bring heaven to earth as Jesus desires, and fulfill God’s purpose in their lives (Matthew 6:9-13). They have been called to minister to the heart of Jesus and to people all over the world.

Mark and Lily are worship leaders for John Paul II Healing Center, leading worship at our events hoping to equip and raise up a generation to transform the world. Their goal is to lead people into a deeper encounter with the Father through music, and to enter into the present moment of beauty with the Holy Spirit. Mark and Lily are songwriters at heart, and desire to share those songs to bring healing and clarity.