Training and Equipping

I Am Prayer - Ministry Training

Learn to facilitate prayer in the confidence of I AM (Inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Abiding in God, and Moving in union with Him and the recipient). As a part of the training, you’ll see how healing prayer is an essential dimension of the Church’s life, through Scripture, Church teaching, and Sacred Tradition. In addition, you will discover and experience the unique ways you can personally help people encounter God and walk in greater freedom.

Conference Style Prayer Ministry Training

Learn to pray quickly and effectively in almost any situation for another person for physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Focuses on the essential elements of abiding with the Lord in prayer, and facilitating the recipients’ encounter with God in a time-sensitive environment.  Includes ample opportunity for personal prayer and practice.
(3 evenings)

In-Depth Prayer Ministry

Learn to help people navigate the deeper areas of their hearts, including wounds, lies, inner vows, physical/emotional/spiritual connections, discernment of spirits, etc. Builds on many of the elements of Conference Style prayer ministry. Includes ample opportunity for personal prayer and practice.
(5 Days)


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Day(s) Of Equipping

This training will help you to live a more dynamic and powerful faith. You’ll learn how God uniquely speaks to you, and what it means to live in the fullness of Confirmation!  Activities include prayer for the release of the Holy Spirit, learning to hear His voice, and practicing praying for others for healing. During this fast-paced training, you will experience the supernatural grace and power that Jesus shared with the apostles, and intends for us today!

(1 or 2 days)

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Closer to the Kingdom

Connecting and Belonging to God

Living close to God in the midst of daily life is attainable!  In this interactive and crisply paced conference, you’ll gain practical skills for connecting to God and cultivating your unique relationship with Him.

You’ll learn to build joy, hope and an expectant faith that are sustainable and fruitful.  Based in the scriptures and Church teaching, you’ll gain insight into your identity as a beloved child of God, how He speaks uniquely to you, and His desire for your life.

(1 evening, 1 day)


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