Events and Retreats


Unveiled: Discovering the Great Mystery in Your Marriage

In Unveiled, you will discover how the great mystery of Christ's love can restore passion, purpose and intimacy in your marriage.

Teaching Sessions include topics on:

  • Discovering True Love
  • A Whole New Look at Your Wedding Day
  • Cultivating Intimacy and Unity in Your Marriage
  • Understanding Your Marital Conflict
  • Healing and Reconciliation in Your Marriage
  • Restoring Sexual Passion and Intimacy in Your Marriage

This conference is also offered as two separate and shorter events:

Unveiled: Becoming One

Sessions Include:

  • The Great Mystery
  • Becoming One
  • Passion and Deeper Intimacy

Unvelied: Healing and Reconciliation

Sessions Include:

  • Barriers to Unity
  • Core Wounds and Marital Conflicts
  • Healing and Reconciliation

Unveiled is also offered in a 5-day format for those who desire a more in-depth event.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at info@jpiihealingcenter.org.