Holy Desire


Offered as a weeklong retreat in Tallahassee Florida, or a one-day retreat held in dioceses across the country, this retreat has become an exceptional opportunity for priests to explore the deep desires of the masculine heart.

The teaching helps us understand how disordered desires are rooted in underlying holy desires and unmet needs, and how they are tied to our false identities. This teaching also focuses on learning how to heal the underlying wounds of our heart and engage productively in the battle of desires to find the true fulfillment of all desire.

All sessions are from a solid foundation of Scripture, the Catechism, psychotherapy and personal witness on the topics of desire, healing, intimacy, and freedom.

The five-day retreat includes opportunities for prayer ministry, journaling, daily Mass, fraternal interaction, and free time.

Sample Participant Schedule


Dr. Bob Schuchts

Bart Schuchts

Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT

Kim Glass

Topics Are Grounded on Scripture and Church Teaching

  • Desires of Our Heart

  • Disordered Desires

  • Formation of Desires

  • Identity and Desires

  • Battle of Desires

  • Fulfillment of Desires

Additional Details – Five-Day Retreat

  • This retreat sells out very quickly so please plan to register as soon as registration becomes available

  • There is an option of a waitlist and we often are able to add waitlisted individuals to the retreat

  • Cost of registration includes conference, meals and lodging

  • Attendees stay at the Neuman Center in Tallahassee FL 

  • Transportation to and from the Tallahassee International Airport is on your own 

  • You may arrange to arrive a day earlier & stay a day later of scheduled start/end dates if necessary

Five-Day Retreat


One-Day Retreat


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