Prayer Ministry Training

THIS IS a five-day training event held twice a year in Tallahassee, FL

I = Inspiration 

The posture of seeking and praying for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, both for the prayer minister and the prayer recipient.  

A = Abiding 

The posture of staying in direct and constant communion with the Lord, in the moment.  

M = Movements 

Sensing the movement of the Spirit, the movement of the prayer recipient’s heart, and movement of the one’s own heart in facilitating prayer.  

 “I AM” Prayer Ministry Training is a five-day training event held twice a year in Tallahassee, FL. Participants of the “I AM” Prayer Ministry Training will learn the essential skills to become competent facilitators of healing prayer, including “conference style” prayer (short times of facilitated prayer with a focus on sharing the knowledge of God’s love with an individual) and “in-depth” prayer (longer times of facilitated prayer with the focus on healing the deeper wounds of the heart).

The overall training will focus on gaining confidence in hearing from God, understanding the nature and effects of a wound, and becoming spiritually fortified to help bring the Gospel message of healing to a hurting world. As with all teaching at the JPII Healing Center, “I AM” Prayer Ministry is grounded in Scripture, Church teachings, and the Sacred Tradition of the Church.

Sample Participant Schedule


Dr. Bob Schuchts

Bart Schuchts

Kim Glass

Additional Details

  • Price TBD

  • Inclusions:
    -Practical Concepts & Teaching in Small Group & Classroom Format
    -Live Demonstrations and Interactive Prayer Ministry Training Activities
    -“Hands On” or Practical Experience Praying for Healing
    -Q&A and Interaction with Prayer Ministry Mentors & Facilitators
    -I AM Prayer Ministry Training Workbook
    -Daily Mass
    -Daily Lunch

  • Not Included:
    -Flights & Airport Transportation
    -Breakfast & Dinner

  • Attending a Healing the Whole Person Conference (weekend, weeklong or virtual) is a pre-requisite for registering for this event

  • Registration is limited to less than 60 participants

  • This event sells out very quickly, so please plan accordingly

  • You must be 18 or older to register for this event

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