About the John Paul II Healing Center

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About the John Paul II Healing Center

About John Paul II Healing Center

Our Name:  We honor Saint John Paul II, who inspires our ministry though his life, teaching, and fatherly love.  Our healing mission is grounded in the 2000 year healing tradition of the Church.

Our Logo:  Our logo expresses key elements of our mission.

Two Hearts:  The heart is the symbol of love and relationship.  The larger heart represents Jesus' Sacred Heart, a symbol of the Father’s merciful and compassionate love. The color of red is associated with His Precious Blood, the source of our healing.

The smaller heart represents Mary’s Immaculate Heart, the model of receptivity for the Church and each of our hearts. It is completely contained in the Sacred Heart. The gold color in the smaller heart represents the transformation and purification of the Holy Spirit.

The Flame: The golden flame depicts the fire of the Holy Spirit.

The Cross: The cross is in the form of John Paul II’s crozier.  It is the sign of our healing and transformation.  Both hearts are pierced by the cross, Jesus' heart is pierced in order to pour out God's love. Mary's (and ours) are pierced in order to receive God's love.   

If you would like any additional information please feel free to contact us at info@JPIIHealingCenter.org.